18.0 Import New Students

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to import new students into Enroll NYC™ here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

1: First, complete the Excel template from your Enroll administrator. If you have another file with similar information, you must cut and paste the information into the Excel template. NOTE: the fields are case sensitive.



2: Now, go to “Import” and click “Import Students” to begin the upload process.



3: Upload the file you just updated. Then, select your Cohort year, such as “Cohort 2018.”  Then, click on “Select mappings.”



4: Next, select “OSIS Number” as your unique key . . .


     . . . and check “Save mappings.”



5: Before continuing look under “Column Mappings” to make sure the names in the left column match the selection in the right column. Then click on “Verify results.”



6: On the next page, if you are ADDING NEW STUDENTS, be sure your coach is the owner of the pages. Then click “Complete import.”


You will receive an email when the processing is complete.


Watch the Tutorial 

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