8.0 Guide to Student Pages

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to use student pages on Enroll NYC™ here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

1: Each student has an easily updated page with all the information about their college process. This includes personal contact information and four checklists covering everything from college readiness through college enrollment.



Basic information is at the top of each student’s page, including name, OSIS number, and contact information. This can be uploaded via Excel template and updated as often as needed.

2Under “Tasks” there are four lists on each student’s page. These are: “College Readiness,” “Applications and Admissions,” “Financial Aid Applications,” and “Enrollment.” Icons on the right indicate how to complete a task.



3: Click the list icon to select an answer from a dropdown menu.



4: Click the pencil icon to open the text editor and enter information.



5: If there is no icon, check the box to the left.



6: Click the form icon to complete the linked form, for example: CUNY Application details.


This will take you to the form. Enter your information, then click “Save”.


You can edit this at any time by clicking on the “Forms” tab and selecting the appropriate form from the box.



7: The “Messages” tab is covered in a separate tutorial.

8: The “Snapshot” tab gives a quick overview of task progress. It also allows for the optional selection of Advisors and/or Mentors.



Watch the Tutorial

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