1.0 Creating Dashboard Trackers

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to create dashboard trackers for Enroll NYC here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

Trackers are filters you can create to quickly see which students have or have not completed a task. They may also be set up to allow you to easily update a student by dragging and dropping between tasks.

1: To begin, mouse over “Track” and click “Create a Tracker."



2: Next, select “Search Filter” and click “Choose Options.”



3: Now, name your tracker and select a “Group by” option.


This allows you to drag ‘n drop a student from one status to another. For example, you can drag a student from the blank column to Yes for many of the tasks on the checklist.

4: Then, choose the task to filter by. NOTE: to make drag ‘n drop updates, leave all the filters unchecked.



5: If you want all coaches to see your new tracker, scroll down and check “Require and show this tracker for Everyone.



6: Finally, click “Add to Dashboard” to finish.


Watch the Tutorial

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