Creating reports

Justin Yuen -

You can create custom reports from any of the data you are tracking. 

Go to Admin-> Custom Reports -->Create a new report. 


Select Status Report


Select your Data Category, Linked Workspaces, Filters, Report Columns, etc.


When you select the Data Category and Linked Workspace the active fields will appear selected as your report columns. Note: if you change those selections your columns may not automatically update.

Also select:

  • time frame
  • who should see the report
  • if you want the report emailed on a regular schedule

Then, Pin the report to your Dashboard so that you can see the report on your dashboard. 

If you have selected only one Data Category you can click on Arrange to reorganize how the fields appear. 


How to Create Customized Report Templates Using Excel

If you want calculations, pivot tables or color-coded reports you can create and upload a formatted Excel document that will produce the desired report at the touch of a button. To do this:

First: Create the initial unformatted report

  • Go into Custom Reports - create a new report
  • Select the Data Type and Fields, and you can arrange the order of columns. 
  • Pin the report to your Dashboard

Second: Download the report and create your template

  • From your Dashboard Reports Tracker, download the report
  • Once downloaded, add a new tab to the Excel - this will be the tab with your charts, pivot tables, or other formatted data. 
  • In the new tab use formulas, pivot tables and/or charts to pull information in from the "data" tab. (You can not format the "data" tab - it will not be saved in the system.)

Third: Clean and upload your template

  • Once you have the new tab formulated to your liking, switch to the "data" tab and delete all of the data
  • Save your template to your computer
  • Go to Custom Reports edit the report you have been formatting, and upload your excel file as a template. 
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