How to subscribe to FMYI with iCal

Justin Yuen -

In other words, how do you subscribe to FMYI with iCal? How do you sync your calendar with FMYI?

At this time you can't automatically push events from your iCal into FMYI, so technically this is not called syncing. However, you can subscribe to FMYI, which means that any events added to your FMYI calendar are automatically pushed forward to iCal.


  1. Open iCal; click on the "Calendar" menu and then choose "Subscribe." *If you are using Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later you will need to select "File" and then "New Calendar Subscription."
  2. Copy and paste in this URL - 
  3. Type in your FMYI username and password.
  4. We recommend setting "auto-refresh" to 5 min.

Subscribing on Mac OS 10.8:


Have an iPhone and/or iPad? You can subscribe with those, too! Read about how here.

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