Overview: Home Page

Annalisa Peterson -

Welcome to your site! The home page shows you all of the information you need to see, laid out to ease your success.

Admin Tab: This is where site owners can make changes to the site, think of it as a control panel for site customization.

Calendar: Here you can see all of the events and tasks you have going on, you can also check the schedules of other site users to aid in meeting planning and coordination.

Dashboard: This shows you tasks and search labels as high level information that helps you stay focused on important work.

Featured Pages: Here you can feature workspace pages that are important to everyone in the site, making important information easy to access.

Latest Activity: This shows you what has been going on in the site, recent changes and who has been online.

Search Bar: Here you can search for specifics within the site. You can also take the search to the next level with our advanced search option.

Workspace Page Categories: These help you organize the workspace pages in the site, so information is easy to find.

Look through the rest of our help center articles for more information on how to use these features!

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