How to Download all files in the site to a Zip File

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If you want to download every file attachment in your site, we have you covered! 

Of course, you can go through the system and download each, but if you have many files, we can do it for you.



EMAIL: Send an email to FMYI at:

WHAT TO EMAIL: Send your contact information (name, email and phone number). Request a download ZIP file be created of all your files. Also include the site name.

WHO CAN REQUEST: Only an Admin of a site can make this request.  

FEE: There is a fee depending upon the number of GB of files in the site.



FEE: There is a fee depending upon the number of GB of files in the site.  After you contact FMYI, FMYI will send you a credit card authorization to complete and return. Once authorized, FMYI will generate a downloadable file.

  • Up to 2 GB is $95
  • Up to 8 GB is $150
  • Up to 24 GB is $250
  • Up to 50 GB is $350  

TIMING: Make the request when you are ready to download.  It will take 1-2 business days to build you the complete zip file and then send the download link.  Once the ZIP file is created, the system uses double storage until the file is released.  Email once you have confirmed that your ZIP file is accurate so that it can be deleted from the system or you may incur additional file storage fees. 

WHEN TO DOWNLOAD: Generally the ZIP file is available for THREE (3) days after the ZIP is generated. Please reply after you have downloaded so we can remove the ZIP file.  If too much time passes, the ZIP will be deleted and the whole process will have to be restarted.   

WHAT'S INCLUDED AND NOT INCLUDED: Only files attached in the Post box (ie. PDFs, images, video, Word, Excel).  There is nothing else included.  There will not be any thumbnail workspace page image or workspace page background image. There will not be a description, custom fields, search labels, sub-categories, messages, comments, tasks, events, appointments, forms or any other types of posts other than attached files.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITHOUT A ZIP FILE: You can manually view each Workspace page in the site and under latest activity of each page click on the file icon for a list of files.  You can download each (and optionally delete them) under "Actions".

HOW TO DELETE FILES: To reduce file storage in your site, you can delete your files. You can do this manually (see previous paragraph) or contact FMYI to request ALL the files in your site be deleted in bulk. Email and request all files be deleted (include your site name and contact information).  This should be done AFTER you have downloaded your files and you have tested that the files work. Once files are deleted, they are not retrievable by FMYI.  



ZIP: You will be receiving an email that a single zip file to download. You will get this once the fee is paid and the process to create the file is complete.

FOLDERS: Within the ZIP there is a folder for each workspace category. Within that folder there is another enclosed folder for each workspace name. Within that folder is every file found in that workspace.

EXAMPLE: If you have a "Project" Workspace category, that would be a folder. Then "project 1" would contain the files in the "project 1" workspace, and "project 2" would have all "project 2" files, etc.



Once FMYI contacts you that the ZIP file is complete, click “Admin” button near the top right, and then in the left navigation select Site management and from the dropdown select "File storage space".


In the center blue line, click on “here” to download the zip file to your computer.




Page categories are listed as folders, named the same as the FMYI site.

Each Page category folder contains a folder for each Workspace page with files.




All content is the unzipped folder is searchable:

The folder has the Workspace page number in the URL (ie. "871967") 

Or, look up the Workspace page name (ie. "Austen Enterprises")





HOW TO SEE THE DOWNLOADED FILES AFTER DELETION: In the site, you will still see a record of each file.  If you click the file it says "File not found". But if you go to the unzipped folder you can search using the URL Workspace number or the Workspace page name.



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