Overview: Search Labels

Annalisa Peterson -

Think of search labels as a tracking system, that can allow you to track clients through a process, projects through phases, or tag workspace pages by important information. Search labels can be highlighted on the homepage dashboard, creating a great visual informer of where you are with your work.

Search labels are used for information gathering where the potential data falls within a set of options. Search labels can be featured on workspace pages, where they can easily be edited by selecting the option from a drop down menu.

On a workspace page, the search labels can also be found on the left-hand side of the page.If you have ownership access for a workspace page, you can edit search labels that are not featured, or to edit all of the search labels for a workspace page at once. To do so, hover to the right of the heading "Search Labels", then click on edit.

You can then check and uncheck the search labels you would like to select for a page. Note that you can select more than one search label within a group, though this cannot be reflected for feature search labels, where one option is shown from the drop down menu.


You can easily edit search labels under the admin tab - both from the main tab view, or by clicking "Site setup", then "Search Labels".

Under the "Search labels" section of the Admin tab, you can add new search label groups and search labels within existing groups, as well as rename and delete existing search label groups and search labels.

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