How to Link a Page to another on the site

Annalisa Peterson -

If you have two pages and want to connect them, use Linked pages.  You can find this on any workspace page, under "Workspace Options" in the right column (if collapsed, click "Workspace options to expand the right column). If you have permission on the workspace page, roll over "Linked Workspaces" and click the "Add/edit" link.)

You will then have two options:

  • Create a brand new workspace page. (Select "Add a new linked page") Then, select a workspace category... (NOTE: The bottom two checkboxes make it easier to create the new workspace page by coping over the people (members) and the search labels (tags) to the new workspace page - you can still adjust them at the next step.) Then, you can name the new workspace and create. When complete, the two pages will be linked.
  • Connect one workspace page to another that already is in your site. Simply search and then select the workspace you want to connect.





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