How to use Advanced Search

Annalisa Peterson -

Use the Advanced Search feature to filter results in powerful ways! For example:

  • find all businesses in a certain city
  • find contacts you haven't touched in a while
  • locate contacts not assigned a subcategory so they don't slip through the cracks

The key to advanced search is to:

  1. Click the magnifying glass (next to the blank search bar at the top right) to open Advanced Search
  2. Use the page categories and search labels (right column) to narrow down the results. Move on to step 3 or click "Search" at this point (all search buttons on the page do the same thing - there are multiple buttons so it's easier to find.)
  3. Optional: Use the "Add a filter" dropdown in the center to narrow down the results. Follow the onscreen prompts for what you select and click search.
  4. Click "and" and/or click "or" and add more criteria to get the list you want.
  5. You can then use the results:
  • Batch update to make bulk changes such as giving access, updating search labels or adding a message (ie. I sent the annual sale mailing to this list of businesses)
  • Generate a report (Note: if you selected one page category, you will have the option to include search labels and custom fields in the Excel.)
  • Browse the list of pages by clicking one, and then in the green heading at the top, select previous or next to view each page and then the next. 

View the Guide below (video coming soon) to see how to perform these examples and explore the "Choose a field..." drop down bar to see dozens of other possibilities.

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