How to Give Access to Workspace Pages

Susan Liao -

How do other people see pages on my site? How can other users see my stuff?

If you have a private workspace on your site there will be a lock icon next to the workspace name.   This means only people with specific access can see this workspace.

If you look to the far right side of your page (workspace options), you'll see "Members and Access".

Hover over the right side of it and an edit button will appear.




You will be added automatically as an owner of new workspaces you add. You can also choose additional teams and people below to add to the workspace.

  • Next to a person's name, you'll see three options to make them members:
  1. Owner: They can delete the page and change any data and settings on the left hand side.
  2. Read+Write: They can post messages, comments, and made any changes to the data on the left.
  3. Read Only: They can view all information on the page, but can't post or change anything.


Non-member access

This sets the access for people that you haven't selected.

(in other words teams and people that have a blank drop down menu next to their names):




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