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Responsive design in FMYI for your mobile device (BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Droid and more) makes it faster and easier to get things done on the go. Below is information to bookmark FMYI and other specific items for a variety of phones. If you can not find your answers below, and would like help please call 888.FMYI.COM and press “1” for support. Or you can email us at


Add a button to the Home Screen
1. Launch Safari on your iPhone.
2. Browse to
3. Select the “Share” button in the bottom center of Safari.

4. Select “Add to Home Screen.”

5. Type a name for the icon (“FMYI”) that will appear on your home screen.
6. Click the “Add” button.
7. You will now see an icon on your home screen that will launch directly to the mobile website.

Subscribe to your FMYI calendar
You can also subscribe to your FMYI calendar on an OS or iOS device.



Save a web site in the bookmarks of the BlackBerry Tour smartphone browser
1. Open the Browser application.
2. Browse to
3. Press Menu.
4. Select Bookmarks.
5. Press Menu.
6. Select Add Bookmark.
7. Fill in the Name, Address and adjust the options as desired.
8. Press Menu > Save when done.
Note: For BlackBerry, you cannot create a bookmark on Home screen w/o installing another application. Another application (such as Launchpad) can be found in BlackBerry App World store.

BlackBerry (with track wheel)

Bookmark favorite Web sites
1. Open the BlackBerry Internet Browser.
2. Click on the track wheel and select Go To from the menu that appears.
3. Enter the desired URL and click on OK to continue.
4. Once you have reached the URL, click on the track wheel and select Add Bookmark from the menu that appears.
5. Choose a Name for the bookmark and click Add.

Need to enable Java script on your BlackBerry?
1. Go to Blackberry button on keypad
2. Select “Option” and “Browser Configuration”
3. Turn on “Support Java Script.”



Add a icon on the Home screen
1. Open the Browser app.
2. Visit the web page you wish to add.
3. Press Menu.
4. Tap Bookmarks.
5. Tap Add to add the bookmark.
6. Go back to your Bookmarks and tap and hold the existing bookmark.
7. A menu will appear where you can Add shortcut to Home.

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