How to Control your email notifications from FMYI

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WHY: "Access without excess" says Justin Yuen, FMYI president. Allowing users to receive the email they want, based on their role and other responsibilities, will allow them to be most productive.

SITE DEFAULT: Most sites default to Individual alerts however the Admin (on the Admin tab under "Site email settings">Email options) can set a different default for current or new users.

PERSONAL SELECTION: Each user can update their preference on their profile (the fastest way to access is at the top of your sites, where you see "Welcome" followed by your name, you click your name. On the right select site email and select the perfect amount of email for you. DOWNLOAD THE USER GUIDE


Excerpts from a Press release about Stoplight email:

Stoplight Email is a three-pronged approach to reduce the email madness from internal team communication built into the FMYI collaboration platform. You can choose the perfect amount of email. (1) RED: Individuals who prefer no email can search what they need or see what’s new in an activity stream. (2) YELLOW: Individuals who prefer one digest email a day (or one a week) enjoy a single summary of all relevant activity, plus they can be alerted to urgent information if needed. (3) GREEN: Those on the go, with no time to sign into a system, want to simply reply to emails from the team and have the information automatically organized.

FMYI has incorporated the Stoplight Email system within FMYI with as a collection of features. The “Activity manager” has been a staple within FMYI for years to manage the flow of updates, but now users can also enjoy a selection of timing for a Digest summary, and the ability to simply reply to an email, and have information automatically filed for them. This unique combination of features enables people to work smarter.

“Emails fill a critical role as an easy-to-use notification process that brings timely information to your attention,” said Justin Yuen, President, FMYI, Inc. “Using email to try and manage workflow, such as project management, contact tracking, discussing ideas, the volume of emails can really get out of hand. FMYI reduces the volume of emails by enabling people to filter out less critical items, consolidating important information, and keep everyone focused on critical high priority items.”

To support the Stoplight Email solution, FMYI has features to manage workflow:

  • Digest – fun color-coded options allows each user to select the frequency of their notifications. FMYI provides users the ability to personalize their communication by receiving instant, daily, or weekly alerts, or turn off email notifications completely and stay in the know with the Activity manager.

  • “Urgent” override – a unique feature where by select team members can override the digest and push out urgent information. The Admin can control if everyone has the ability to mark as Urgent, or if only the Admins can mark as urgent.

  • Featuring posts and video – embedding video and pinning items to the top of a page, allows team members to easily find and review important information. 

“These features allow users to select the amount of email that works for their style, meeting them where their needs are, and leading to instant user adoption,” said Justin Yuen. “Access without excess reduces stress and increases effective communication for a team.”

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