How to Generate a Site Report

Sarah -

Download a Site Report to view a list of all the workspaces in your site. This is how you can view all your contacts, projects, and resources in a list view via Excel. 


To find the Site Report:


1. On the left hand side of your Home page click on Tools.

2. Click Reports.

3. Site report will be the second choice so click "Show/Hide" to expand and see your options.


To Run the Activity Report:


 1. Check off what info you want included in the report (we only selected "Contacts" in this case but you can check off more than one!).

2. If you've been typing important notes into each workspace's description section and want them included check off "Include description."

3. Using the report to sort through what's tagged in your dashboard or typed into custom fields? Make sure you check off "Include custom fields and search labels" before clicking the "Generate report" button.

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