5.0 Posting One Case Note to Multiple Student Pages

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to post a case note to multiple student pages at once in Enroll NYC™ here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

Use the “Post Form” option in your trackers to enter a case note for multiple students at once. This is useful if you have just sent out a text message to, or hosted an event attend by a group of students.

1: To begin, click the “+” sign of the tracker which corresponds to the students you wish to post a case note to.



2: Next, select “Post form.”



3: Make sure “1. Notes Form” is selected, and fill in the remaining fields.




4: Then, proceed to “Step 2: Select your destination pages.” This is where you select which students’ pages will receive the case note.


You can “Check all,” “Uncheck all,” and check or uncheck students individually.

NOTE: once submitted, batch note posting can only be undone by deleting the case note from each individual student page. Be sure to double check your entries to each field and confirm your student selection.


5: Finally, click “Post form.”


You will receive a dialogue box reminding you that this cannot be undone. Click “OK.”

Now, when you go to a student’s page, your case note will appear.


Watch the Tutorial 

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