4.0 Batch Updating Student Tags

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to batch update student tags in Enroll NYC™ here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

Use the “Batch update” option in your trackers to update a tag for multiple students at once.

1: To begin, click the “+” sign of the tracker which contains all of the students you wish to include in your batch update.



2: Then, select “Batch update”.



3: Start with “Step 1: Select what you would like to do” and click “I would like to…” to scroll down to the tag you would like to update.



4: Next, choose the value for the tag you’re updating.


NOTE: this will clear any current tags assigned to these pages.


5: Then, proceed to “Step 2: Select which pages to update”. This is where you select which students’ pages will receive the updated tag.


You can “Check all”, “Uncheck all”, and check or uncheck students individually.


6: Finally, click “Run batch update”.


Now, in your trackers and on student pages you will see that students have been updated with the tag you applied.

Watch the Tutorial 

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