6.0 Update or Delete Posted Form

Zachary Newton -

Learn how to update or delete forms posted in Enroll NYC™ here. You can either:


Follow These Steps

1: To update fields on a form posted to multiple pages, access the form through a tracker. 

2: First, select any tracker and click “Post form”. 


3:Then, in the upper left of the dialogue box, choose “Log History".



4: Now, find the form you want to update and click “Batch update”.



5: Update the desired form fields. When you are finished, click “Update form posts”.



NOTE: once you create a form, you cannot add or remove it from a student workspace. Make an identical form to apply the form to additional students. 


6: If you want to delete a form entirely, contact your administrator—they will be able to assist you.


Watch the Tutorial 

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