Welcome to your Grouptrail Site Dashboard Overview!

Joy Tayler -


Welcome to your Grouptrail site!  This is the hub of collaboration for your organization, where all the moving pieces come together.  Blaze a trail and track your data for the best experience on the journey. 

Site Name:  Displayed at the top left. 

Welcome Menu: At the top right you will see “Welcome” and your name.  Clicking here will show you “My Alerts” where you can change your email address, “My Password” and more.  

Track:  Below the Welcome Menu you will see "Track".  This is where you can add new workspaces and create trackers to group them.


Browse:  This is another way to view workspaces, quickly filtering them by fields or recently updated. 

Import:  This allows you import to create new workspaces from an excel or .csv file.   You may import multiple forms here as well.   We also offer Google Sheets Integration.  

Gears:  These are the Admin Gears to customize your site.  Users may not see these gears on their dashboard. 

Site Announcement:  This is the top center yellow area where your site admin may choose to share important tips for the team. 

Trackers:  In the center area of your dashboard you will see “Trackers”.  Trackers group individual workspaces by subcategories, tags and more, and can be filtered to show the particular results you need.   Site admins can create trackers, and you can also create trackers by clicking the teal “Track” button at the top right. 

Workspaces are within the trackers:  These are the building blocks of your site.  Each workspace contains all the details, forms, tasks, tags and notes about a contact, resource or project.   

Now you know the basics, so let’s get started! 

Click on your tracker, browse or type in the search bar to bring up a workspace.  




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