Workspace Overview

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This is your workspace.  The building block of your site where you keep everything together for a contact, resource or project.   This one space organizes all of the information, showing your choice of tasks, snapshot, files, forms, messages, details, tags and log so that you always know where to go to find what you need. 



Workspace Image: Click the picture to add a workspace image on the top left

Workspace name: is at the top to the right of the picture in bold

Featured custom fields (these are fill in the blank areas designated by your site admin) are under the workspace name as well as Links to other workspaces.  For example, you may link a student workspace to a school workspace, or event workspace. 

Display tabs go across the workspace to show the following options, chosen by your site administrator.  You may have one or as many of the options as your admin chooses: 

TASKS, SNAPSHOT, FILESFORMS, MESSAGES, DETAILS, TAGS, LOG   (And yes, these tab names are customizable!  Your site admin can change them to your terminology in Admin>Theme Settings)


TASKS:   If your site admin set up “Goals”, then tasks will be auto-populated every time a new workspace is created, and checking them off will show progress on a donut goal in your Snapshot Tab.    Your admin can also create a “Topic” (here it is called "next steps") that will allow you to create “ad hoc” tasks on your workspace. 


The Plus Sign in the "Next Steps" area will bring you to the Add a task popup window:



SNAPSHOT:   The snapshot shows a goal donut with the results of your goal (prepopulated) tasks, a description of the workspace and any featured tags (dropdown options). 



FILES:  Add files here so they aren’t scattered across desktops and in separate emails!  You may email if you would like the option of sending an email alert when posting a file. 

You may either upload files directly to Grouptrail or use our Box Integration if you have large files and have a Box account. Files.png

Upload directly to Grouptrail or contact us for Box integration.




Your site admin can create quick forms to collect data in a specific way for custom reporting.  Types of forms you may see are: Notes, Monthly/Quarterly Check-in, Questionnaires, Satisfaction Survey, Tracking Hours Worked, Materials Checklist, Vendor Portfolios, Issue Tracking, Marketing Interactions, Attendance and more. 



Add your messages with the option to send an email alert to those you are collaborating with for this workspace.  


Email in:  Each workspace also has a unique address that you can copy/paste in the BCC field of an email.  When you send that email it will be copied into your Grouptrail workspace. 



DETAILS:  Show all of the "Custom Text Field" possibilities in a "fill in the blank" format.  Custom fields are specific to one data type only and do not cross data types



TAGS: Are the "dropdown" format options.  Tags have the ability to cross data types. 



LOG:  Shows all the activity that has taken place on that workspace with a time and date stamp.



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