How do I create a new Goal?

Joy Tayler -

The Goal Template brings together different question types so that you can build a task list. Once you have all of your fields added to the site and turned on for the relevant data type you can add them to a Goal and arrange their order and even introduce some logic, in order to hide/show tasks.

To create a Goal:

Click on Admin -> Goals -> Create a Goal

Once you have added all of the tasks make sure to Activate it. 


  • If you want to create reports and trackers that show the data from your Goal make sure the tasks Complete by is anything other than a Checkbox
  • If a Task is Completed by one specific Tag Option, it will appear as a checkbox instead of a dropdown.
  • To control which workspaces will have the Goal: Select Data Type and Subcategory where you want the goal to appear. 
  • To control Permissions for who should see the goal: assign Teams next to Who can see this
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