How do I add a Custom Field?

Joy Tayler -

You can add new Custom Field at any time. When adding any new field you need to create it, enable it, and choose where it will be displayed. Custom Fields are connected to specific Data Types, they are not the same across your whole site. 

  1. To add a Custom Field: Admin -> Data Types -> Enabled Data Fields then Text fields click on Create new or edit existing text fields
  2. Enable your new field: Data Types -> Enabled Data Fields ->Text fields ->select the new Custom Field
  3. Choose where this Custom Field will display: 
    • To display at the top of each Workspace (this is called a Featured Field): Data Fields -> Select Featured Fields -> check the box next to the new field
    • To display in the Goal Template, after enabling it follow the directions in how to turn it on. 
    • To display on the Details tab you just need to make sure that this Tab is turned on.
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