How do I control what users can see and do?

Joy Tayler -

You can control many aspects of what your users can access. The most efficient way to make use of these controls is to use teams. For specifics see below. 

Access to Workspaces: You can control which users can see and edit workspaces at the Data Type or Subcategory level. 

  • If using the Data Type: Read/Write Permissions -> select your Data Type and choose the level of access for teams and individual users. 
  • If using Subcategories: Data Types->Add a Subcategory -> Give the subcategory a name ->Link subcategory permissions to a matching team? -> Yes -> Which Team -> Choose From Existing Team or Create a New Team 

To double-check these permissions follow the steps in the video here: 

Access to Goals: You can control which users see a Goal. All users who can see a Goal can also edit the fields in the Goal

  • Admin -> Goals ->Edit Goal -> Who can see this?

Access to Reports: You can control who can see each individual report by selecting individuals or teams who should have access. 

  • Admin-> Custom Reports -> Edit Report-> Publish Options

Access to Importing: You can control whether you want General Users or just the Administrator to import data. 

  • Admin-> Who Can Import->Enable or Disable importing -> Save

Access to Creating/Deleting Workspaces: You can limit who can Add or Delete Workspace. 

  • Admin-> Read/Write Permissions ->Other User Permissions -> Create/Delete Workspaces


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