How can I organize the Files tab?

Joy Tayler -

Topics have many uses and can help you organize your Files tab. Make sure you have created and turned on all of the Topics via the Data Types page. Once those Topics are turned on you can tag your files as you upload them. On the Files tab, click on Topic and your files will sort accordingly. 

To add a Topic

    • Go to the Gear shift then Topics
    • Add a new topic and save
    • Then select Edit and uncheck Show topic in Quick View Tasks tab
    • Next, go to Data Types, Enabled Data Fields then Topics, and select the new Topic

Remove Topics

    • Under Data Types, Enabled Data Fields then Topics, uncheck the Topic desired. 
    • If you have tasks that are linked to this Topic, you will need to update the Topic for those tasks, otherwise they will not appear in the Task tab. 

Reorder Topics

  • To change the order in which Topics appear you have to change their order on the topics page. 

Where else do you use Topics?

They help you organize your tasks and can be tagged to messages.  When you create a topic you decide whether to show this topic as a header for Ad Hoc tasks. 

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