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PPS Partner Connect is our platform which makes it easy for parents, alumni, and industry professionals to volunteer and get involved with PPS. With the launch of this portal for partners, we hope to improve communication and engagement as well as utilize our partner profile information to develop targeted strategies that are inclusive to all students in our schools.

From this dashboard you can edit your profile, access informational resources, and view program and contact information from schools and programs. Coming this fall you'll be able to view opportunities to get at our schools and programs, track your contributions, and we'll be populating data views on PPS partnership and career learning information.

Partner Connect - Partner Getting Started Guide

Partner Connect Navigation Getting Started Guide

For questions, support or to provide feedback please email careerpath@pps.net

Additional Information for Partners

Volunteer Background Check Requirements

We are working to engage partners & volunteers to support initiatives within Portland Public Schools. In addition to this work, we are also helping to facilitate required background checks for all volunteers who may have interest in working with programs, schools and students within PPS.

When you submit your background check information please select CTE in the programs list in the background check application form

Getting Started with your background check

ASPIRE Mentor Program

Connect with youth as a mentor
Oregon ASPIRE Website

Youth Transition Program

Our Youth Transition Program works with partners to develop opportunities for youth and young adults with disabilities. The following link provides more details of that program and edit the YTP tag in your profile or contact Kia Swain at kswain@pps.net.

Information on PPS Youth Transition Program

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