1.0 Creating & Editing Dashboard Trackers

Jay Keuter -

Trackers are filters you can create to quickly see Career Related Learning Experiences, Partners and Students grouped by various tagged identifiers.  In Partner Connect we’ve pre-configured a number of these to provide insight into CRLEs offered, partners organized by unique characteristics and students organized by demographic category.   

Hover over “Track” and from the menu click “Create a Tracker."


By default “Search Filter” will be selected with this Tracker. Search Filter Trackers allow us to group workspaces using tag-based information associated with those workspace profiles. Click the “Choose Options” button in the right of the window to navigate to the window.

Name your tracker and select a “Group by” option.

For all practical purposes we will be selecting from three primary data type workspaces;CRLE Que - Career Related Learning Experiences, Partner Connect - Partner Profiles, Students. For Career Coordinators and school-based staff these are the most relevant workspaces that educators would benefit from having trackers in place to organize and access information.


Select the Tag Filters you would like to use to narrow your results by.  For example, by School, CRLE Type, and School Year to display all Career Related Learning Experience workspaces that meet those defined criteria.


Select Display options 

Show links affords you the option of displaying linked workspaces.  For example if your tracker displays completed CRLEs at your school, you could have it show links to student workspaces/profiles.  

Show Images enables you to determine if you want the full image displayed or just the text description of the workspace

Publish Options - You can generally leave these on default settings

Organizing Trackers on your Dashboard

Personal Trackers you create appear as white, those created by admins and then shared appear as a shade of green.

Admins can also pin shared trackers the top of dashboards

For personal trackers, you mouse over those and when the crosshair appears you can press your mouse and hold and drag your tracker to reorder. 


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