3.0 Creating and Managing Career Related Learning Experience Workspaces (CRLE)

Jay Keuter -

In Partner Connect you can manage and track CRLEs that are specific to your school or program.  This  guide outlines the steps to Add a Workspace and manage a CRLE.

From your Partner Connect dashboard screen navigate to the TOOLS  menu and select the Add a Workspace bar.


The Add a Workspace window will come up and at this point you can begin entering text and select the appropriate tagging for the CRLE.

 NOTE: Adherence to the naming common naming convention enables us to most effectively utilize basic and advanced search functions in Partner Connect.  You also have a 100 character limit for this text box

CRLE Que - Active and CRLE Requests from the Category pull down menu is selected by default. If not please select it from the pull down menu.

NOTE: If you inadvertently select the incorrect category you can only modify this prior to adding the workspace.




We are currently not using the Subtitle text box so please refrain from adding any information there.  For the Description text box craft a brief description of the CRLE.  

Scrolling down we will now go through the process to “tag” the CRLE with the appropriate labels.  

Selecting “tags” enables us to assign granular identifiers for the CRLE and utilize the powerful tracking and reporting capabilities of Partner Connect after the CRLE workspace has been created


These text boxes are intended to provide additional information on the partner offering the CRLE. Information is not required, but will be helpful as it will populate in the quick view at the top of the workspace, streamlining access to that information in the future.     Using the scroll bar on the right you can scroll to reveal additional text boxes.



The default setting is for a message to go out to all Career Coordinators. In general, CRLE workspaces you create are likely only targeting your school’s students so you can uncheck this box so the other Career Coordinators don’t receive notifications. 


Click on the Add a Workspace button when completed.  You can always return to the workspace and edit the information after you’ve created your workspace.

Linking Partner to CRLE Workspace 

Once the CRLE workspace has been created you can link the partner to the workspace. Navigate to the orange View Details button and navigate to that screen.


Hover adjacent to the Linked Workspaces text on the right column. The Add/Edit button will appear.


On the next screen you can enter a search term in the upper text box to search for the appropriate workspace you would like to link this workspace.  Select the box you would like to link to the workspace and scroll down and select add Link. 



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