6.0 Guide to Student Profiles

Jay Keuter -

Each student at your school should have a profile in Partner Connect.  These profiles are created as a result of an integration with our Synergy Student Information System. If you do not see a student profile, please confirm the student is in Synergy. If they are in Synergy and their profile is not visible please contact careerpath@pps.net .

 Quickview - This area highlighted in blue at the top of the profile provides identifiable student information as well as links to those CRLE workspaces that the student has participated in. 

 Profile - The area highlighted in green is populated with Basic demographic information that is populated from Synergy when the student profile is created.  Additionally, we have tags for YTP and ASPIRE that can be controlled at the school level to designate inclusion in those programs.


Tagging unique identifiers - At this point we have the Option to individually tag students who are part of the Youth Transition Program(YTP) or are part of the ASPIRE program at targeted schools.  These identifiers enable the educators who are supporting and providing services to these students to create trackers to curate the student profiles as well as develop goals and track progress against those goals.  The example below provides an example of how the Youth Transition Program is tracking an individual’s progress against those goals.


Additionally, on the student profile tab one can look at a dashboard type of view with regards to the progress against those goals as well.


Student Profile Report - At some point you may find it necessary to run a printed copy of student CRLE participation.  This can be done utilizing the Student Profile Report which can be accessed for each individual student via the Icon in the upper right of the profile.






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