8.0 Reporting - Roster CRLE Attendance

Jay Keuter -

 In addition to the prior report we’ve also created a Roster CRLE Attendance report.  This effectively aggregates every CRLE a student has participated in that has been recorded in Partner Connect and displays the results on a student by student basis in the spreadsheet.

 Select the Roster CRLE Attendance from the Custom Reports - 2020 tracker


The following window screen will open and you will have the opportunity to select from a range from Last modified date(range) for the report to pull information from Partner Connect.  Use the pull down to select an alternative or keep the Custom tag and enter your desired range of dates. For this report keep the Categories and Tags defaults to run this report.


The Excel report will render with the following column headers.   Once you enable editing you will need to drag the column headers to widen them or select them all and define a new column width with a right mouse click and select Column Width.


The data displayed can now be sorted and filtered using Excel tools..  

 Here a link to the video on how utilize those functions  https://youtu.be/DgRDnqsAAzo .

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