How do I set up the Google Sheets Integration?

Joy Tayler -

Collecting and importing data using a Google Form is easy with our Google Sheets integration. 

For step-by-step instructions watch the video below. 


  1. Make sure date is in the following format: 8/23/2019 19:12:54 This is the default format for Google sheets.
  2. Share your Google Sheet spreadsheet with
  3. Click on Authorize access to google sheets. Log into your google account, click advanced, and then go to FMYI. Authorize FMYI to access google sheets, allow read access. If the person who authorized the sync is no longer working with you, you will need to have the new owner of the spreadsheet re-authorize the sync.
  4. Verify access to your spreadsheet by entering spreadsheet ID. This is the long string of letters and numbers in the middle of the web
  5. Select workspace type and default profile. Save Settings.
  6. Select unique identifier and corresponding column to enable Sync.
  7. Optional - Select column for default workspace name. If left blank, new workspace name will default to "no name".
  8. Map any additional fields.
  9. Tip: Search label tag will be set to blank if a matching tag name is not found. Ex: If search label, has tags "yes" and "no". To reset to a blank value, set column value to anything besides "yes" or "no" ie "unknown".


Need to Authorize Grouptrail to Access your sheet? 

Follow these steps:





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