How do I send SMS messages? And, other SMS FAQs

Joy Tayler -

The Twilio integration allows you to directly text the cell phone number in a workspace. For example, if you are working with students you can text them directly from Grouptrail. 

How does it work?

You can text individuals or send a text to multiple people at the same time. Leverage your tags to create groups to text. Texts will be received and can be replied to directly from a regular cell phone, they don’t need access to any app in order to reply. Here is what it will look in your site. 

On the workspace level, you will have a tab called "Text Messages" where you can send and receive messages.


To monitor incoming messages and send replies, you will use a tracker.


To send a message to multiple students at once you can use trackers and leverage your tags to identify recipients. 


To set alerts, so that you receive an email when a new text message arrives, go to your profile-> My Alerts


In the top section make sure that your email address is selected. 

Next to “Email Frequency, choose “Send individual alerts”. Any of the other options next to Email Frequency will result in you not receiving any alerts. 






  • What are the limits to the length of a text message? You can send up to 459 characters at a time. If the message is longer than 153 characters, it will be sent in segments.
  • Can I send bulk messages? Yes, you can send a message to up to 1,000 people at one time.
  • Is there a limit to the number of texts that can be sent in a day? No
  • What happens if the number is a landline? An error message will appear on the workspace in the Text Messages tab and in the Latest Activity Tracker.
  • Can I send a link?  Avoid redirect links like, it raises suspicion with carriers and risks messages not getting delivered. Instead use a dedicated short domain that belongs to your business, or a service that offers a unique (non-shared) domain for your URLs.
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