Export Reports to Google Sheets

Courtney Timm -

When creating or editing a customized report you have the ability to export to Google Sheets. To set up that integration and get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Authorize Google Sheets by going to Admin > Integration >  Google: Sheets Export from Grouptrail > Authorize to edit Google Sheets


Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_11.16.52_AM.png.    Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_11.54.43_AM.png


Step 2: Create a Google Sheet that you will use for the report, and add the following three tabs. This where the data will export to. (Please note: you can set up additional tabs using formulas or calculations as needed after your initial report is exported.)


Step 3: Create new report in Grouptrail and enter sheet ID and schedule the frequency. Pin the report to your dashboard and click save. 




**To manually update the report, go to your Report Tracker or pinned reports under tools and click on the report. Set the appropriate filters and check off Sync to Google Sheets and then Generate report.**



Learn how to embed your report in a Tracker on your dashboard.


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