Embed Data Studio Reports in a Tracker

Courtney Timm -

Embed your Data Studio report directly into a Tracker to view. 

You'll first need to create your Google Data Studio (now called "Google Looker") report. To get started with that, run your custom report and export it to Google Sheets. Add this as a data source to your report. Once it's ready, click Share > Embed report to grab the Embed URL.  Leave "Show report navigation in embedded mode" checked off to be able to click through the report directly from your Tracker.


Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_11.15.48_AM.png.   Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_11.16.07_AM.png   


Next, in your Grouptrail site, create a new Status Counts Tracker.




Name your Tracker and select Embedded as the Type. Paste your Embed URL and confirm your publish options before clicking Update Tracker to publish your Report Tracker on your dashboard. If you update your Report in Data Studio, it will dynamically update in the Tracker view as well. 


Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_11.16.36_AM.png.    Data_Studio_Report_Screenshot.png


Note that to view the embedded Google Data Studio/Looker report in a browser other than Google Chrome you'll need to:

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